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MotorSistem is a young and dynamic company that invest any time in search of new chemical formula and technological growth. MotorSistem guaratees professional chemical products of hight quality.

MotorSistem Automotive Products Fuel and diesel system cleaner, fuel and diesel additives, spray for cleaning of fuel and diesel intake system, tecnical spray.



Data Base per Cambio Automatico

MotorSistem mette a disposizione dei professionisti che operano nel settore meccanico la BANCA DATI per cambio automatico. Un database contenente tutti i modelli di automobile con cambio automatico, in continuo aggiornamento

Diesel alarm, hundreds of damaged cars

Of the refined diesel oil or with impurities such as to make it unfit for use, it would be released, in the days of the last week, by an ENI refinery in Taranto. Hundreds would be the cars damaged by dirty diesel fuel. ENI promptly denied the news circulated, with a statement in which it declares itself totally unrelated to the affair and that the diesel produced in its Taranto refinery, meets all the quality requirements set by law.

Audi recalls 330 thousand cars for electrical problems

Audi recalls 330,000 cars in Germany for possible electrical problems. In Italy, the German carmaker has yet to communicate whether there will be initiatives regarding these problems that may occur on the electrical system. No announcement has yet been issued to the dealers of the car manufacturer in Munich.

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