xdurare petrol

Additives for gasoline engines. In this section you will find all the products Motorsistem has created specially for your cars, bikes and all Gasoline powered engines.

Diesel power protection Petrol Cleaner
COD. 2001
Additive cleaner of the entire petrol engine fuel system with lubricant, for and with lead-free engines, including ecological fuel.

Petrol Aspirator Cleaner Petrol Aspirator Cleaner
COD. 2005
Additive Cleansing cleaner for cleaning the entire metal or plastic air suction system of petrol or gas powered, aspirated and turbocharged engines.

Petrol fuel additive Petrol Fuel Additive
COD. 2010
Fuel protection is a new formulation specific antioxidant and lubricant additive for gasoline-powered engines with high-pressure injection systems of the latest generation.

xdurare diesel

The new line xdurare products are the ideal solution to make your car smile, save money and reduce pollution. In fact, keeping the engine's vital parts in perfect condition is critical to reducing fuel consumption and pollutant emissions by lengthening the life of your car.

Ultrasonic bath for cleaning injectors Cleaner Fuel System Diesel
COD. 2002
Cleaner with lubricant for cleaning the entire fuel system of all DIESEL and BIO DIESEL, including common rail, pump injector and last-generation high-pressure systems (also in vehicles fittled with particulate filter).

Diesel Aspiration Cleaner Diesel Aspiration Cleaner
COD. 2007
Cleaner with lubrificant to clean the entire intake system for engines aspirated and turbo diesel, special for the scrubbing of the EGR valve. It clean carbon deposits and deposits throughout the intake system. It reduce smoke. It increase engine performance.

Diesel power protection Diesel power protection
COD. 2011
Additive smoke-free newly formulated specifically for diesel-fueled engines with high pressure injection systems and equipped with latest-generation particulate filter.

Antifreeze for diesel Antifreeze for Diesel
COD. 2020
Special mix of composite additives, lubrificants, detergents and antifreeze for diesel. It's a breakthrough product specifically for diesel-fueled engines with high pressure system of last generation.

Diesel Filter With Lubrificant Diesel Filter With Lubrificant
COD. 2103
Specific cleaner for energic cleaning and lubrification diesel injection system. Suitable for all system, high pressure diesel generation. Particularly suitable for unlock common rail injectors blocked.

xdurare gas

Additives for gas powered engines. A selection of products dedicated to the care of gas, LPG or methane fueled engines. Power cleaner, injectors, pressure reduction and valve lubrication.

Gas Injection Cleaner Gas Injection Cleaner
COD. 2009
Is a new formulated cleaning product, designed for cleaning without dismantling of the injectiors or solenoid valves, mounted on gas-fueled engines (LPG and CNG).

LPG System Cleaner LPG System Cleaner
COD. 2012
It is the first additive that has been formulated specially for putting in the gas cylinder or vehicles running on LPG with phased or sequential injection system in the gas or liquid phase.

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