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Cleaning products for your car interior, glossy dashboard,
Clean seat and leather seats, hygienic for the passenger compartment and cleaning glasses.

Clean dirty concentrate Tergi Plus
COD. 2047
Concentrated cleanser for cleaning high-powered auto glass. Superbly cleanses the car's crystal without leaving hair and foam, easily removes mists and insects from the windshield, keeps the wiper blades soft without damaging it.

Hygienic for interior car Hygienic for interior car
COD. 2074
Eliminates bad smells caused by smoke, molds and microorganisms from carpets, carpets, seats, and from all parts where bacteria and molds accumulate.

Air conditioner and air conditioner cleaner Air conditioner and air conditioner cleaner
COD. 2008
Air conditioner and air conditioner cleaner Xdurare has a detergent with a hygienic action that thanks to its particular chemical formulation can eliminate dirt deposits from the evaporator unit, facilitating the fresh air flow into the passenger compartment.

Clean dirty concentrate Clean dirty concentrate
COD. 2059
The product is a superconcentrated monocomponent that equals the best two-component yields. Eliminates from fat bodies, yoke, mud, tar, moss, smog mold, and mulch from vehicles such as cars, trucks and earth moving machines.

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