Line Tank - Antibacterical For Fuel

All Tank Line products, specific additives designed to improve diesel engine and gasoline efficiency. Innovative chemical treatment for diesel, developed to counteract and eliminate the formation of bacterial flora.

MotorSistem proposes both road and storage facilities, with an innovative chemical and diesel fuel treatment, developed to counteract and eliminate the formation of bacterial flora within the tanks (resulting in contamination of the Fuel) due to many engine malfunctions. Bacterial contamination of fuel is a major problem for road distributors.

antifreeze for diesel Antifreeze for concentrated diesel
Cod. N° 2138
It is an additive that improves the cold characteristics of gasolines

Diesel fuel additive Puritank Diesel
Cod. N° 2123
Diesel fuel additive specially designed to purify and regenerate diesel fuel contained in tanks or large tanks.

Cetane Optimizer diesel Cetane Optimizer
COD. 2139
The Cetane Diesel Improver decreases the ignition delay and increases the number of cetanees, improving the performance of gasolans with an easier start at low temperatures

Octane Optimizer Fuel Octane Optimizer
COD. 2140
The "petrol octane enhancer" is an additive that increases the number of octane, improves combustion and increases the torque

DP50 Diesel Multifunction Additive DP50 Diesel Multifunction Additive
COD. 2136
Increases the lubricity and detergency of the treated diesel, increases the number of cetane. Reduces fuel consumption, boosts engine performance.

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